Can solar energy supply electricity for a full house or just small appliances ?

Our Hypersion Solar systems can supply loads for houses from 5 Amp to 140 Amps. We also can supply 3 phase loads up to 46 Amps per Phase.

Should i wait for Technolgy advancements or a price drop to buy the system ?

Solar technology has become very mature and ni major break through are expected to hit in the market for a few years. By that time, the savings the system will have made will be larger than whatever benefits the new technology has to offer.

How does the system supply energy at night or during days with low sunlight (stroms) ?

The battery bank included in the Hyperion Box will store energy created by the Solar Panels which can later be used during night time. In the event of very long stroms, the system could use grid energy when it is available to charge the batteries.

What is the required maintenance for the system ?

The system requires very little maintaenance. Mainly cleaning the panels every few months and 2 to 3 systems checkups per year.

How much space does the system require ?

The space requirement depends on systems size, roof type and structure type. Lower ages of this brouchure detail the space requirement for the most common system sizes.

How often do the batteries need to be replaced ?

We are using top of the line European Batteries specifically made for Solar Energy Systems. Their lifetime depends on how they are used but we expect a lifetime of 8 to 10 years for our systems.

Are there any bank facilities for this systems ?

Yes, Our systems are eligible for a long term low interest loan with up to 2 years grace period and 10 years installment periods with an interest ranging between 0.25% and 1.075%.