How does it Work ?

The PV panels produce DC current that is proportional to the amount of sunlight. The VFD converts the power into suitable AC electricity to supply the pump. The extracted amount of water will then be proportional to the amount of sunlight. This means that in the morning, the water flow will increase gradually to reach its maximum at noon than will decrease until zero at dusk. The design will be made to provide the needed amount of water every day. All systems are equipped with a change over switch that allows the system to work on the existing diesel generator in case of night operation. Two system configurations are possible:

System without storage tank

The water comes out directly from the pump to the irrigation point. The system is cheaper than the storage tank system and requires a diesel generator for night operation.

System with storage tank

The water is stored into a big storage tang in order to be used when needed. This will allow an all-time operation. The water stored in the backup tank will circulate by gravity to the desired irrigation point.