Solar for Commercial & Industrial

The Lebanese public grid suffers from a chronic deficit between its production capacities (1200 MW) and the power demand (2000MW) resulting in long hours of daily blackouts. During these blackouts the consumer usually uses diesel generators (DG) as a costly alternative power supply source. The majority of the Lebanese territory is 50% supplied by Electricité du Liban (EDL) with an average cost of $0.24/kWh. Moreover, oil prices are steadily increasing and the EDL kWh price is expected to increase as well, which will directly increase the current energy bill. Photovoltaic (PV) systems produce electricity as low as $0.06-0.08/kWh on average. No other technology has accomplished such cost reductions in the market as PV systems in sunny countries like Lebanon.

  • Industries (factories, refrigerated warehouses)
  • Commercial buildings (malls, office buildings, associations)
  • Institutions (hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, research centers)
  • Water pumps (wells, irrigation)
  • Agriculture (farms, desalinization)

Why Choose Solar for Commercial & Industrial ?

  • Eligible for the NEEREA financing mechanism
  • Very low energy cost ($0.07/kWh VS $0.13/kWh for EDL and $0.35/kWh for Diesel Generator)
  • Low pay back period (could reach as low as 6 years)
  • Score booster in Green building rating systems (LEED, BREAM, HQE, ARZ)
  • Green marketing
  • Ecological (Zero CO2 and toxic gases emission)
  • Noise free
  • Power factor correction
  • Very low maintenance
  • Create shading areas (parking, reduce cooling demand)

Intelligent Solution

The solar production is synchronized with the supply source of electricity.

Online Monitoring

The production will be observed through a user friendly website along with a Smartphone application.