Intelligent Solution

The solar production is synchronized with the supply source of electricity:

  • When the EDL is supplying, the PV system will export its production to the grid.
    • If the PV production is lower than the consumption load, only the power shortage will be taken from the EDL grid. The EDL meter will then count the reduced consumption.
    • If the PV production exceeds the consumption load, the excess of power will be sold to the EDL grid through a net metering process. This will make the EDL meter turn backwards and reduce the kWh readings.
  • When the Diesel generator set is supplying electricity, the PV power will be synchronized to the Diesel Generator set’s output. The PV system will contribute in supplying power to the load.
    •  When the PV production is lower than the demand, the DG will only provide the power shortage. This set-up will therefore reduce the power produced by the DG which will effectively reduce its fuel consumption.
    •  If at a given time the PV production capacity exceeds the consumption of the load, a special state of art protection shall be designed in order to protect the DG from backward current that can damage the generators. In this case the PV production will be reduced to ensure a minimum output power from the DG.

This application will then reduce the fuel consumption by up to 50% which would directly affect cost of energy on the consumer